Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Food-G Followers, Meet Nourish Network

Sometimes, embedded in the ocean of people that surrounds us, there are special people, stand-out people, visionaries who devote their life's work to being part of the solution. Using my blog to share uplifting information with you, and to support those hardworking visionaries in their efforts, is one of the most meaningful things I can use my voice for.  
Food-G readers, there's someone I want to introduce to you...

In case you don't already know her, meet my friend and mentor, Lia Huber. Lia is doing amazing work from the launchpad of her vibrant online community, Nourish Network. Her mission: "Nourishing body, soul, and planet with every bite."

I rarely use my blog to promote products or people, but this is important, and not only because I've recently written a couple of articles for her.

If you want to skip straight to my story on the importance of cooking with the whole animal, including a recipe for Cremini and Short Ribs Ragu, go right ahead.

Or if you'd like to read my Thanksgiving tips, including a recipe for Wild Rice Salad with Pistachios and Golden Raisin Vinaigrette, be my guest.

While you're there, tootle around Nourish Network and you're sure to find inspiration to help you enjoy good food.

Lia knows that it's not just what we eat, but HOW we eat that sustains us. Nourish Network is about good food, not "diet" food. It's about loving our bodies enough to put good things inside. And it's about how doing that impacts the world around us, like the ripples from a rain drop.

Through a steady stream of engaging food articles, videos, and group or individual counseling, Lia helps people improve their relationship with food, by shining a light on new pathways, helping us learn to love eating in a healthier way-- a less self-destructive way. Lightbulb moment, anyone? 

Having walked her own harrowing path of disease and near-death diagnoses, Lia walks her talk. Just knowing her has made me feel more vibrant, alive, and committed to making the best choices I can, both in my life at the table, and away from it. So check it out! Join the community! Enjoy! Learn! Glean! Be inspired!

That is all dear Food-G readers. I know you will be as glad to have crossed paths with Lia, as I am.


Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks said...

Thanks for sharing, I'll check out Lia's work. Re your wild rice salad - looks superb. Any special place you're sourcing your wild rice?

Food-G said...

Hi Andrea! To answer your question, no. There's no special place I'm sourcing it, but I have found the best prices on organic wild rice in the bulk section, both at Safeway, and at our local Good Food Store.

Lia Huber said...

OK ... I've got tears in my eyes. Wow, wow, wow, thank you for these sweet, soulful kudos, Ginny. I am so blessed to have met you.

Food-G said...

My hero. : )

Lawyer Loves Lunch said...

What a fabulous, comprehensive site! Thanks for sharing this with us, Ginny!

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