Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Choco Banana Frappe

It’s a fruit smoothie!
It’s coffee!
It’s a chocolate milk shake!

Do you ever wonder what you could do with all that leftover coffee, instead of pouring it down the drain? Here's an idea, and if it's Joo-Lie hot where you are, trust me, this is what you want, right now.

We fell in love with this frosty caffeinated frappe on our honeymoon in Sayulita, Mexico. We drank many a Choco Banana at a wonderful little community restaurant in the town square by the same name. It's the kind of restaurant that feels like home, where you make new friends, hear about the local goings-on, and nosh on delicious Mexican-style breakfasts like Chilaquiles con Huevos. The original Choco Banana is a frozen chocolate-dipped banana on a stick, but these guys took the thing, put it in a blender with coffee and served it as a caffeinated, chocolate banana smoothie. I guarantee that there is no better pre-surf breakfast than this.

Look at those lefts rolling in at this secret surf spot. Thank you Choco Banana!

I got a raging craving for one of these creamy, banana frappe’s this week, after a summer surf trip to La Push, Washington. It was cool near that Northerly coast, even on a rare sunny day in the middle of July. The water was sooo cold, my hands got stiff and I endured many an ice-cream headache, too stubborn to wear my wetsuit hood and gloves. None the less, it was a chilly summer treat, and it made coming home to hot and arid, late-July Montana feel that much hotter.

Back at the Ranchito, my to-do list doesn’t care that it’s 85 degrees in the house by 3 pm, so I go barefoot, turn on the swamp cooler, and sweat in front of the computer while the afternoon sun beats into my office window. As the temperature rises, my eyelids get heavy, and I start thinking about heading out to the pine-shaded hammock. But I can’t! MUST…KEEP…GOING...

At times like these, there’s no better cure than a frosty caffeinated treat like Choco Banana.

Choco Banana Frappe
(makes 2 - 16 oz. shakes)

I'm not sure exactly how Choco Banana makes theirs but this seems pretty darn close to what I remember from our Sayulita honeymoon. The secret lies in peeling and freezing the bananas first, so the frozen chunks can go right into the blender, making the finished product both ice cold and creamy-thick. A little half and half helps too, but it's still quite good with just milk (in case you're watching your waist line). Hubs on the other hand, with his whippet-like metabolism, insists that next time we try it with vanilla ice cream.

2 large bananas, peeled, chopped, and frozen
1/4 cup chocolate syrup, or more to taste
1 cup milk
1/3 cup half and half (optional, but highly recommended)
1 – 1 ½ cups chilled (leftover) coffee

Put everything in the blender and buzz until completely smooth and frothy.


Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, even decaf after noon will keep me up til 3 am. However, you lure me in with such concoctions. I hear Sayulita is a cool place. Thoughts?

Food-G said...

Hi Andrea! This would be great without coffee too-- just a creamy chocolate banana smoothie.

We loved Sayulita. We lean towards off-the-beaten-path fishing (surfing) villages over Americanized resorts. Sayulita has definitely been discovered, but still has that feeling of real Mexico: Mariachis in the town square, tortillerias, panga boats, cocos frios and melons bought from the back of pick up trucks, dirt roads, and most importantly-- you have to speak some Spanish. No towering resorts but there are plenty of nice vacation rentals, wonderful beach-side restaurants, galleries, jewelry shops, salsa dancing, etc. It's kind of a nice balance between tourist luxury and real, cultural travel. As for surfing, we thought the waves were too crowded in town, and searched out some hidden spots in the area.

Kim at Rustic Garden Bistro said...

Looks delicious! Wonder what the office peeps would think if I brought one in for breakfast. :-)

Have a great week!


Betherann said...

This looks inCREDible! Yum!

Also, are you from Missoula? A Googling (for local Costco prices) randomly led me here. I'm glad it did, though. I'm on to check out your panna cotta next...

Food-G said...

Hi Beth, funny how you landed here, but I'm glad you did. I am indeed in Missoula. Are you? Lovin' Kitchen Courage, and looking forward to your posts.

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